Dark Chocolate Trail Mix Bark

  This is a guest blog post submitted by Carpe Diem Nutrition Dietetic Intern, Emily Bumgarner. Are you ever in search of a small bite of something to curb your sweet tooth? This is the perfect solution! Chocolate, fruit, nuts, and a pinch of sea salt combine sweet and salty to make the perfect snack anytime […]

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Emily's Oatmeal cookies

Oatmeal Raisin Cookies (using applesauce)

This is a guest blog post submitted by Carpe Diem Nutrition Dietetic Intern, Emily Bumgarner. I definitely have a sweet tooth and my favorite cookie is oatmeal raisin. Oatmeal is a wonderful food alone or used in recipes. It is a slow-digesting, complex carbohydrate, which helps to keep you full for a long time. Incorporating oats […]

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Cocoa-nana Coconut Cream Pie Bite

Vegan Chocolate Banana Coconut Cream Pie

It’s Pi Day! March 14, the day to celebrate the never ending number 3.14159…and maybe have a slice of your favorite pie, too. This is my most recent favorite. It is adapted from a recipe I found an an incredible vegan website, This Rawsome Vegan Life. Her recipe used a date and nut crust, which I […]

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pulse power bites

Pulse Power Bites

Have you ever considered lentils a fun snack food? I certainly hadn’t had before last fall, when I tasted these little bites of deliciousness at FNCE in October. The American Pulse Association and the USA Dry Pea & Lentil Council have teamed up and are promoting 2016 as the year International Year of Pulses. They […]

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UntitledDye weekly menu 316

Weekly Menu March 16, 2015

Well, we all enjoyed the weekly menu planning so much last week, that we decided to do it again! I ended up spending a lot less time grocery shopping, with only one main shopping trip, which was a real time saver for me. It felt great to have a plan for the whole week. The […]

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weeklymenu 310

Weekly Menu March 10, 2015

Practice what you preach.  Really easy, right?  Not always!  As a private practice dietitian, I am always encouraging my patients to plan a weekly menu and grocery shopping list to stay organized and on track with health goals.  You can’t eat healthfully if you don’t have good ingredients on hand and a realistic plan for […]

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