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Weekly Menu March 16, 2015

Well, we all enjoyed the weekly menu planning so much last week, that we decided to do it again! I ended up spending a lot less time grocery shopping, with only one main shopping trip, which was a real time saver for me. It felt great to have a plan for the whole week. The […]

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Weekly Menu March 10, 2015

Practice what you preach.  Really easy, right?  Not always!  As a private practice dietitian, I am always encouraging my patients to plan a weekly menu and grocery shopping list to stay organized and on track with health goals.  You can’t eat healthfully if you don’t have good ingredients on hand and a realistic plan for […]

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Why Having an Exercise Support Group Matters

Over two years ago, I sat in the goodbye circle at Diabetes Training Camp and nervously awaited my turn to speak. Our instructions in the circle were to share what we learned at camp and what things we were going to take away from camp to implement in our lives back home. As I sat […]

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Intuitive Exercise

I was very excited to carve out a little time for a spinning class the other day. Cycling and sweating to fun music with the camaraderie of my gym buddies was just what I needed to beat the stress of the holidays. As I walked in to the cycling room, a very perky, smiley, bleach […]

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